28 Jan

Expeditions: Conquistador

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Turned-based combat with hexes. Been a while since I played a game with this. This was a game that completely flew under my radar. I didn’t contribute to its Kickstarter and didn’t notice its release at all. Indeed, its Kickstarter campaign seemed barely successful. The amount raised reached the basic goal but didn’t even meet […]

27 Jul

Caylus: Magna Carta

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As promised, here’s my implementation of the Caylus: Magna Carta boardgame in Python. It uses the original art scanned from the game, which naturally I do not own, and I will therefore take it down immediately if anyone complains. It’s single-player against the AI only, but as with the boardgame you can select between one […]

10 Jul

Blood Valley

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So I recently figured out how to use cx_Freeze to make a standalone distributable of a Python game made using the Pygame library. It turned out to be an embarrassingly simple fix (you just need to add “import pygame._view”). So I’m making available my adaptation of the Blood Valley gamebook, written by Mark Smith and […]

6 May

The Duelmaster Series

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Like many gamers my age, I was introduced into the world of gaming by gamebooks. Not the simple Choose Your Own Adventure series or its many clones but the ones with rules and actual game mechanics. In my case, the library of my primary school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chung Kwok Primary School, turned out […]

4 Mar

My Caylus: Magna Carta videogame conversion

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I’ve put in more work into the AI of my videogame version of Caylus: Magna Carta. Its play is still far from optimal and any human who takes the time to properly think through all the moves will beat it easily, but at least it can now occasionally beat my wife and me. It also […]

29 Jan

My hobby programming project

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As a fun programming exercise and just to see if I could, I decided to try making a PC version of an established boardgame. I picked Caylus: Magna Carta because 1) I own a copy of it (actually a gift from Han a couple of years ago now 2) its main components are cards that […]

29 Dec

First Train to Nuremberg

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Laying train tracks across the English countryside. Notice Hiew’s blue cutting off my black line. Since we only played the England side of the board, I guess maybe this should still be called Last Train to Wensleydale. Fun fact: I was confused while looking up this game. After all, why is it Last Train to […]

19 Nov

7 Wonders

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This game features cards with the kind of detailed and realistic art that I really enjoy. I heard a lot of hype about this game when it first came out, especially on QT3. As Hiew mentioned, it’s notable for supporting seven players and yet still remaining a short game. Some personal notes: It manages to […]

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