28 Sep

Democracy 3

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The main screen which summarizes how everything influences everything else. Not having played any of its predecessors, I found Democracy 3 to be fairly interesting, more like a toy than a game. The premise here is that you’re the government of a country. It’s up to you to set the policies that guide your country […]

17 Sep

Max Payne 3

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The shoot dodge, that which makes this game Max Payne and no other! I have fond memories of the first two Max Payne games and even fonder ones of the Matrix mod for the first one, which I believe is one of the earliest mods I’d ever played. I even enjoyed the cheesy, overwritten purple […]

8 Sep


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I know I barely update this blog these days since I stopped playing boardgames and it takes me a long time to play a videogame to completion and write about it. I also refrain from posting about anything but my impressions of the videogames I play here, skipping over things like news and goings on […]

5 Sep

Anno 2070

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So I bought the Complete edition of Anno 2070¬†on Steam a while back and recently decided to try playing it. But as you might have noticed, there aren’t any screenshots in this post. That’s because I couldn’t actually get the game to run. The game requires that Ubisoft’s proprietary Uplay service to be running, on […]

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