30 Aug

Long Live the Queen

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This is the one true queen outfit in this game as far as I’m concerned! I first heard about this from the game diary threads on Broken Forum and promptly put it on my wishlist. I don’t have a lot of experience with these visual novel type games though I do know that Long Live […]

21 Aug


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Skulking around corners, sneaking up on guards, the usual stealth shenanigans. Since I never pay any¬†attention to game marketing materials, I didn’t know about this game at all until it started getting praised on Broken Forum. Even then, all I knew¬†about it was that it was a stealth oriented action with some pretty funky powers. […]

7 Aug

Academagia: The Making of Mages

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The call to adventure! I’ve wanted to buy this for the longest time ever since I learned about it but wasn’t willing to pay full price for it. So I put it on the watchlist on Gamer’s Gate and waited and waited and waited. It never went on sale once. So when Gamer’s Gate recently […]

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