27 Sep

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

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So bad I can’t be bothered to get a decent screenshot. 400 Days is the DLC for The Walking Dead that is supposed to act as a preview for next year’s Season 2. Unfortunately, it’s pretty bad. So bad that even at its low, low price while on sale, I consider it a total rip […]

25 Sep

Hitman: Absolution

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Watch out for bald guys with computer cables in their hands. I’ve never been a fan of the Hitman series. The only one I’ve played before this was Blood Money and I only grudgingly completed that one by dint of slavishly following online walkthroughs. I just never really understood the game. It felt contrived and […]

6 Sep

Shadowrun Returns

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Orks and Trolls with guns and in Lone Star uniforms. That’s what you’ve always wanted in an RPG, right? Shadowrun Returns was the first game I actually backed on Kickstarter, mainly because I was a fan of the franchise in high school and still own a 2nd edition version of the rulebook. This game was heavily […]

2 Sep

Football Manager 2013

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This is a game about little guys chasing around a ball on a field. As your stereotypical nerd, I never play sports games with the notable exception of racing games. Even then, I only play the mainstream racers and only with automatic transmission instead of the enthusiast-class racing sims. Still, I’ve always been curious about […]

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