21 Jan

Saints Row: The Third

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The Third Street Saints is no longer just a street gang. It’s a major business empire and media franchise. The third installment of the Saints Row franchise is so over the top and so contemptuous of anything resembling consistency or coherence, it’s hard to decide whether to love it or hate it. I mean the […]

12 Jan

Evochron Mercenary

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Having to manually dock with a space station brings back some memories. But no worries, in this game, space stations don’t have rotations that you need to match. Evochron Mercenary is an indie-produced open-world space-fighter sim. This the genre that Elite once pioneered and championed by such great games as Privateer but that big game […]

5 Jan

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine

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With full jump jets and armed with a thunder hammer, you can pretty much rule the battlefield. Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k setting needs no introduction. Surprisingly Relic’s Space Marine is the first action videogame allows player to control the most famous soldiers of that setting (well, apart from the 1993 Space Hulk which isn’t a […]

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