27 Jul

Caylus: Magna Carta

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As promised, here’s my implementation of the Caylus: Magna Carta boardgame in Python. It uses the original art scanned from the game, which naturally I do not own, and I will therefore take it down immediately if anyone complains. It’s single-player against the AI only, but as with the boardgame you can select between one […]

22 Jul


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Here comes the aliens. If my towers don’t get them my gun will! Sanctum is an indie-produced tower defense game with one unique feature: the player has an avatar and can shoot at the invading waves as it it were a FPS game. Defense Grid, which I absolutely loved, is the natural point of comparison […]

13 Jul

Guild 2: Renaissance Game Diary (Part 9)

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Like all Sims type games, you have to decide how and when you want to end a game in Guild 2: Renaissance. Technically the scenario ends only when the last member of my rival dynasty, the Muresans, are dead but short of devoting all of my resources to murdering each and every one of them, […]

10 Jul

Blood Valley

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So I recently figured out how to use cx_Freeze to make a standalone distributable of a Python game made using the Pygame library. It turned out to be an embarrassingly simple fix (you just need to add “import pygame._view”). So I’m making available my adaptation of the Blood Valley gamebook, written by Mark Smith and […]

7 Jul

Guild 2: Renaissance Game Diary (Part 8)

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After refusing to pay the ransom for Harold Kant a few times, the kidnappers release him anyway. I notice him seeking treatment at the infirmary. After that he wiles away his time hanging out at our competitor’s tavern. The bastard. Maybe he’s upset about his family hanging him out to dry. Once you release a […]

5 Jul

Dead Space 2

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Hey look, a tram that actually moves this time around! So I went ahead and finished Dead Space 2 before completing my Guild 2: Renaissance game diary. And it wasn’t because it was that good. It was because I wanted to get it over with. About half-way through the game, I discovered the oddity I’ve […]

1 Jul

Guild 2: Renaissance Game Diary (Part 7)

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In late spring 1448 the Kant family builds a farm, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I don’t expect to make much money selling goods from it directly but it will allow us to avoid buying wheat from the market and hopefully it can supply enough beef to our inn so that […]

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