23 Nov

Portal 2

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After the events of the first game, not to mention the ravages of time, the premises of Aperture Laboratories are understandably in a less than pristine condition. The first Portal needs no introduction. This is after all the game that spurred a plethora of remarkably persistent memes. It combined so much brilliance in such a […]

19 Nov

7 Wonders

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This game features cards with the kind of detailed and realistic art that I really enjoy. I heard a lot of hype about this game when it first came out, especially on QT3. As Hiew mentioned, it’s notable for supporting seven players and yet still remaining a short game. Some personal notes: It manages to […]

15 Nov

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!

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The game uses nothing but 2D art with a pastel palette, and nothing is animated at all, so don’t expect too much in the graphics department. Yes, I know, from the title alone Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! sounds like something in the hentai genre, but it’s actually an award-winning puzzle game. While the […]

6 Nov


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Despite the map on the board, this is an abstract wargame in which geography doesn’t matter at all. Perikles is an odd hybrid of an area control game and a wargame that we played with five players. I’m pretty sure that it’s pronounced Peri-cleese, like the way Achilles is pronounced, rather than the more English […]

1 Nov

Evolution: The Origin of Species

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Cards serve as both creatures, when you have them face down and as traits attached to each creature when face-up. When Hiew brought this little card game out, both Shan and I were struck by how similar it was to Primordial Soup, a game that we’d played a while back with Sean. It shares the […]

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