23 May

To Court the King

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Nice looking cards and you even tap them to use their abilities, just like Magic: The Gathering. I was pretty surprised to learn after the fact that this game was designed by Tom Lehmann, the same person responsible for Race for the Galaxy. While this game has cards, and those cards can be “tapped” to […]

18 May


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Once again, a game set on a map of Europe, a continent that is way over-represented in boardgames. Imperial is one odd game that looks a lot like a wargame but is in fact an economic one. I had a hard time getting to grips with it as it wasn’t immediately clear to me what […]

13 May

Assassin’s Creed 2

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Time, once again, to assassinate guards by the battalion. Ok, it’s official. I’m woefully behind the curve when it comes to videogames. I’ve only just finished playing Assassin’s Creed 2, but not only has its sequel Brotherhood been released, even the next game after that Revelations has been announced. My only defense is that Ubisoft […]

9 May


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Europe is in the middle while the places you can colonize are all around it. Sadly to maintain this esthetic they had to put India and Asia above Europe. Endeavor was originally on my radar because a Kiwi QT3 friend heavily touted it on the forum as a New Zealander-designed game. It also helped that […]

4 May


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Cool, the box is part of the game? How else could you prop the board up so that canoes can fall over the edge? Not much to say about Niagara as it is a light family game. Or at least it’s supposed to be one, as our session turned into a protracted bout of vindictive […]

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