27 Dec

Aladdin’s Dragons

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The board and even player screens feature some very nice art, even if the game doesn’t actually need all that space. Sean wanted us to play Aladdin’s Dragons as he had read that it was the forerunner of all worker placement games. As it turned out, everyone pretty much agreed that it felt more like […]

23 Dec

Blood Bowl

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My gay-looking elvish linesmen facing off at the line of scrimmage against two tiny lizards and one very gigantic lizard. A. Asohan’s Games column in The Star which ran in the 1990s talked mostly about role-playing games. But he devoted column inches to boardgames on at least three occasions that I can recall. They were […]

21 Dec

Glory to Rome

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The cartoonish graphics and crude graphic design makes this one look like a childish game, which is unfortunate in my opinion. Due to its reputation as being a game that’s similar to Race for the Galaxy, Glory to Rome is something that I’ve been meaning to try. One reason is that I’ve liked clever card […]

17 Dec

Twilight Struggle

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The mounted map in the Deluxe edition makes it much easier to play the game and looks much nicer as well. We first played Han’s copy of Twilight Struggle over a year ago. Both of us was quite impressed with it at the time and my wife was eager to play more but I thought […]

13 Dec

BioShock 2

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The familiar sights and sounds make it feel good to be back in Rapture. The original BioShock was one of my favorite games of 2007. It was also a tremendous success, both commercially and critically. A sequel had to follow but it was hard to see how the writers could come up with a story […]

9 Dec


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The six characters with Lady Lauren as the Quartermaster at the front of the boat and the Kid as the navigator at the back. Lifeboat is one of those party games that works only with a sufficiently large group. In the case of our session at CarcaSean, we had six, exactly the number of characters […]

6 Dec

Planet Wars Part 2

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One the maps I did best on in the final round due to the evenly-spaced planets. This post is a detailed walkthrough of my bot’s internal logic, the source code of which is attached. It’s written in Java using Notepad++. I probably should have used a real IDE as it would have helped save time […]

3 Dec

Planet Wars Part 1

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The 2010 Google AI Challenge is now officially over and I’m very glad to have finished just inside the top 50. Not bad for someone with no formal education in programming and next to zero knowledge of Java before this. I learned a bit of JavaScript when I worked as a content writer for one […]

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