30 Oct

Vegas Showdown

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The fonts and color schemes make the board look like a gambling table, but there’s no gambling involved here. Sean calls this the third in our series of recent plays of out of print Avalon Hill games. Vegas Showdown is also the least Ameritrashy and most Eurofied of the three games, so it’s no surprise […]

27 Oct

Monsters Menace America

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Yes, this is a game that takes its giant monster tropes seriously. One of the earliest multiplayer PC game experiences I can recall was with Rampage. This was a port of an arcade game first manufactured by Midway in 1986. Up to three players could simultaneously play on a single machine, each taking control of […]

22 Oct

Nexus Ops

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The very garishly colored hex tiles that make up the board, with the cardboard monolith in the center. Nexus Ops is an Ameritrash, lightweight wargame that we played recently at CarcaSean. Frankly, after playing it I’m pretty mystified at how well it seems to be regarded on BGG. I’m also curious that its current price […]

18 Oct

Roll through the Ages

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Obviously, many trees were hurt in the making of this game. Some thoughts on this filler game that we closed a recent session with. Amusingly enough, it seems that its name really is derived from Through the Ages, though I don’t think that the game are similar beyond sharing the same Civilization theme. It’s a […]

15 Oct

The best party-based RPG since the Baldur’s Gate series

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Party of four! I just wish I had room to take my dog along. Once again, I find myself slogging through my PC games backlog and playing a game that was originally released late last year. Dragon Age: Origins was something I had looked forward to for a while but I had my plate full […]

12 Oct

Pillars of the Earth

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This is one board that can’t be called bland. The colors don’t come across well in a photo however. I recall Chee Wee often praising the art in this game, and indeed, now that I’ve seen it for myself, I have to agree that it’s one of the best looking games I’ve seen. Michael Menzel’s […]

9 Oct

Chateau Roquefort

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What the board looks like when all the roof tiles are covered and the mice are still in the towers. Where could all the cheese be? This is yet another kiddie game played at CarcaSean. I’m not sure why Sean buys so many of this type of games. In this case, I was the one […]

7 Oct

Saint Petersburg

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The board and cards are very simple. In fact, if it weren’t for the need to track points, I think you could play without the board entirely. This is an older game than we played recently at CarcaSean. Considering its age, I’m not going to cover rules and mechanics in detail. So here are my […]

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