31 Jan

Galaxy Trucker + The Big Expansion

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I played Galaxy Trucker again on Friday night, asking Sean to add in stuff from the Big Expansion this time around. I ended dead last by a significant margin and had to endure much jeering from both my wife and Sean. This was because two of my own Evil Machination cards ended up hurting me […]

28 Jan

Solium Infernum

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Even the map displays borders and different legions in an unusual manner, making it hard to read at first but quite distinctive. Cryptic Comet’s first game, Armageddon Empires, was an impressive effort, combining CCG-like mechanics with a hex-map based wargame. Not bad for a game made by what is basically a one-man shop, namely QT3 […]

25 Jan

Race for the Galaxy

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I have to sheepishly admit that one of the reasons why I was first interested in Race for the Galaxy was because it’s the most played game ever by Hiew and I thought,  “Hey this guy plays a lot of games, so this must be good, right?” Plus, as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post […]

20 Jan

Mirror’s Edge

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There’s nothing quite like hurtling down a zip line over a hundred meters above the ground and timing your fall for just the right moment. Mirror’s Edge generated some good buzz when it was first announced with its very unique list of features: a parkour action game in an immersive first-person view, a dystopian city […]

17 Jan


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The gaming group at Carcasean, minus Sean who’s taking the photo. Shogun has earned a notorious reputation in my local gaming group as the game, together with its older brother Wallenstein, that one of our regulars absolutely refuses to play. Sean seemed enthusiastic about it and we were curious about what kind of game would […]

13 Jan

Gratuitous Space Battles

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A Rebel fleet arrayed for battle. This was one of the games I picked up for cheap during the Christmas sales on Steam. It’s made by Cliff Harris of Positech Games, who’s a QT3 regular notorious for his anti-piracy tirades, but this is the first game of his that I’ve bought. Gratuitous Space Battles is […]

10 Jan

Memoir ’44

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The Hedgerow Hell expansion uses a large paper map to accomodate up to eight players but the normal game uses a mounted board. Some quick notes and observations on Memoir ’44 from a six player game that we had at CarcaSean using the Hedgerow Hell map. It uses the same Command and Colors system as […]

6 Jan


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Epic Battlelore: double the battlefield, double the fun! Battlelore was one of the first games we bought when we started the hobby. There’s just something so attractive and wonderful about two armies of plastic miniatures facing down each other on a brightly colored battlefield. You can practically hear the clashing of swords as the opposing […]

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