7 Jul

Railways of the World

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The extremely heavy box includes a lot of stuff, not the least of which are the two maps, plus a separate board for scoring / income track. I recently bought Railways of the World from Boardgamecafe.net. As I wrote when I talked about Railroad Tycoon, it’s a type of game that I didn’t yet have […]

10 Mar

Rails of Europe

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Pretty map! Unfortunately, the colors on this one are still confusing and the glare makes the problem worse. We played the Europe map just a couple of weeks after we played Railroad Tycoon. The rules are essentially the same, so no point in going over them and making the Major Line bounties something that is […]

22 Feb

Railroad Tycoon

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A fantastically huge board that nevertheless covers only the eastern half of the continental United States. After playing both Age of Steam and Steam, it was only fitting that we should play the last member of this family of train games. Sean seemed quite reluctant to play this however. Perhaps because this feels like a […]

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