25 Nov

Duels of the Planeswalkers

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The interface is very slick and graphically attractive, allowing you to seamlessly in to look at cards and out again. Duels of the Planeswalkers is a stripped down video game version of Magic: The Gathering made to be simple enough to appeal to the console crowd. The game uses preconstructed decks and there’s no real […]

23 Sep

Selling my Magic: The Gathering collection

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Some very expensive pieces of cardboard. I actually did manage to sell my Magic: The Gathering in one go while I briefly stopped over in Kuala Lumpur during the holidays. I had some trouble at first as the old MTG trading forum seemed to be abandoned and full of spam, but I managed to discover […]

16 Aug

A game of Le Havre

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I’ve been a bit remiss in updating recently, mostly because I’ve been distracted by arranging to sell my Magic: The Gathering collection. I will be visiting Kuala Lumpur for a few days in September and I thought I’d arrange to meet buyers then. At this point, suffice to say that I seem to have greatly […]

13 Mar

Valuing my Magic: The Gathering collection

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Another thing that I did over the Chinese New Year holidays was to dig up my old collection of Magic: The Gathering cards gathering dust at my mother’s house. I had a vague idea of cannibalizing the worthless common cards to use as supplies for a game prototype I’ve been sporadically working on. However it […]

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