4 Mar

My Caylus: Magna Carta videogame conversion

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I’ve put in more work into the AI of my videogame version of Caylus: Magna Carta. Its play is still far from optimal and any human who takes the time to properly think through all the moves will beat it easily, but at least it can now occasionally beat my wife and me. It also […]

29 Jan

My hobby programming project

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As a fun programming exercise and just to see if I could, I decided to try making a PC version of an established boardgame. I picked Caylus: Magna Carta because 1) I own a copy of it (actually a gift from Han a couple of years ago now 2) its main components are cards that […]

24 Dec

Caylus / Caylus: Magna Carta

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This board looks quite cheerful and colourful, especially compared to the other economic games I’ve played. Caylus is another one of those economic games that are ranked very highly on BGG and that I knew I’d just have to play someday. Caylus: Magna Carta is the card-based version that Han donated as a prize for […]

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