28 Apr

Sentinels of the Multiverse

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Don’t worry, Baron Blade is a total pushover. So my video card died. Again. I must learn to respect lightning as it seems I live in an area very prone to thunderstorms. I looked around for games that I could play without a video card while waiting for the warranty claim to be processed, saw […]

8 Apr

Papo & Yo

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Whoa, eat your heart out, Inception! Yep, this came to my attention from the Feminist Frequency videos and I eventually bought it because my wife encouraged me to do so. I was very curious about what a mature, non-exploitative take on child abuse in a videogame would play like and so put it on my […]

4 Apr

Anno 2070

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The ne-plus-ultra of eco cities! Okay, so I just wanted to use that phrase once. Last year I wrote a post about I tried to play this game but failed. This year, after I complained about this on Broken Forum, someone replied that the Steam version should be fixed by now. ‘Lo and behold, it […]

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