22 May

Don’t Starve

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Here I am amidst a starter settlement. It took me forever to realize that the people who made this game were also the ones behind Mark of the Ninja, which I really liked. The game genres are just so different though once again they make excellent use of stylized cartoonish graphics. Not much to say […]

15 May

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

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It’s Jax and Scorpion, two familiar characters updated to modern graphical standards. As I’ve previously written in this blog, I have a spot soft for fighting games even though I’m completely rubbish at them. And the Mortal Kombat series has always been the guiltiest pleasure of them all. At that time, not knowing much about […]

9 May

Done with Skyrim

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Photobombing time. I call this one misty dawn at Dawnstar. My Steam counter says I’ve put in 260 hours in this game and now I’m officially declaring that I’m done with it. I’m pretty obsessive about being a completionist in RPGs but Skyrim is so huge that it has worn me down. There are just […]

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