28 Jan

Expeditions: Conquistador

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Turned-based combat with hexes. Been a while since I played a game with this. This was a game that completely flew under my radar. I didn’t contribute to its Kickstarter and didn’t notice its release at all. Indeed, its Kickstarter campaign seemed barely successful. The amount raised reached the basic goal but didn’t even meet […]

12 Jan

King of Dragon Pass Game Diary – Part 16

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Late in 1380, soon after the new town ring for Kallila has been created, a massive army of the horse-spawn arrive at the town and surround it. They do not attack but it is clear that they intend to do so. Out of desperation we decide to send a delegation to them to offer marriage […]

10 Jan

The Stanley Parable

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Hopefully this image isn’t too much of a spoiler. This is a hard game to write about. Just about anything I could write would constitute a spoiler that would detract from the experience of playing it for yourself for the first time. So I’ll just limit myself to a few short comments: There is more […]

8 Jan

King of Dragon Pass Game Diary – Part 15

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In 1376, the spirits of our most noble ancestors visit the clan hall. They tell us that great things are in store for us and say that they will grant us a boon. Worrying that our tribal king, Tonalang, will die before the great events come to pass, we ask that they bless him. They […]

7 Jan

Far Cry 3

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Scenes straight from Malaysia. I’m feeling somewhat burned out on first-person shooters but I picked up Far Cry 3 not too long ago because I have fond memories of the second game in the series. I have to admit that this was very much a mistake as this game seems to share very little in […]

6 Jan

King of Dragon Pass Game Diary – Part 14

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Disaster befalls us in 1365. Our clan leader dies of old age. Not only does this deprive us of his valuable services but since he is also the king of our tribe, this means a new tribal moot will be called to elect a new king. Of course, we immediately elevate another worshipper of Orlanth […]

3 Jan

King of Dragon Pass Game Diary – Part 13

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In 1361 we perform a divination ritual on the strange sorcerous implements we obtained from the servants of the Pharaoh who were hunting the Six Brothers. The spirits of our ancestors tell us that they are cursed. Fortunately we are able to trade them away to another clan for some other goods. Later, a group […]

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