28 Aug

Fallout: New Vegas

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Goodsprings, the comboy town where it all begins. It took 156 hours, according to Steam anyway, but I’m finally done with Fallout: New Vegas. Again, this is a playthrough of the whole game including all DLC on hardcore mode with the J.E. Sawyer mod enabled. I’ll focus my comments on the mod itself and overall […]

23 Aug

Fallout: New Vegas (Lonesome Road)

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Having nuclear bombs explode under you does bad things for local property values. As expected, the last of the Fallout: New Vegas DLC falls some way short of the quality of Old World Blues. As its name indicates, this one is a very linear combat romp down the eponymous road of the title. As such […]

17 Aug

Fallout: New Vegas (Old World Blues)

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I love how the DLC starts you off in a tall tower that gives you a view of the entire Big MT facility, complete with force fields that lend the place a Star Trek air. Finally a Fallout: New Vegas DLC that’s actually worth playing. This one takes you to the blasted remains of a […]

11 Aug

Fallout: New Vegas (Honest Hearts)

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Wait, isn’t this Thousand Needles? The second Fallout: New Vegas DLC takes place entirely outdoors. It’s set in Zion National Park which in the Fallout universe was largely untouched by the nuclear exchange that destroyed most of civilization. This makes it a sunshine and rainbow paradise with clean water and plentiful food, so exploring it […]

7 Aug

Fallout: New Vegas (Dead Money)

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Get used to seeing a lot of dull red in this DLC. I bought Fallout: New Vegas ages ago but have only gotten around to playing it recently. Because I loved Fallout 3 so much, I decided to play this game the right way. This means turning Hardcore mode on. This means using the jsawyer […]

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