29 May

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

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Real tactical combat against zombies! Okay, it’s real-time and most automated, but it’s still a real game! I studiously stay away from all Facebook games. As far I’m concerned Farmville and its clones can die in a fucking fire. But this one, made by the guy behind the two Last Stand flash games has me […]

21 May

Plants vs. Zombies (GOTY Edition)

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Yes, the graphics are cutesy and cartoony, but there is a surprising amount of gameplay hidden in here! This game needs no introduction and I must confess that I bought it only because I wanted to check out what everyone has been talking about. I fully expected to be disappointed. This is after all a […]

9 May

Prince of Persia (2008)

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Look at all those swirls in the air and cool poses. Yes, this is an anime-inspired game! I’m going to start this one with another old geezer note about how I played the very first Prince of Persia back in the day. Still, I lose geek cred by admitting that it was on the PC […]

6 May

The Duelmaster Series

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Like many gamers my age, I was introduced into the world of gaming by gamebooks. Not the simple Choose Your Own Adventure series or its many clones but the ones with rules and actual game mechanics. In my case, the library of my primary school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chung Kwok Primary School, turned out […]

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