27 Apr

Monkey Island 2: Special Edition

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You won’t believe how many lines of “xxx” bottles of beer on the wall you can hear in this scene. With voice-acting. To be honest, I mostly played this just to get it over with rather than because I have any real interest in it, so there’s not much to say. As with the first […]

24 Apr

Where I talk about C&C in Alpha Protocol

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Every superspy worth his salt has a high-tech comms centre with ultra-powerful computers. There’s no getting around it: Alpha Protocol is a talky game. There are lots of people to talk to and each of them has lots of different things to say. In fact, some of the missions in the game consist of literally […]

21 Apr

Where I talk about RPG combat in Alpha Protocol

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You might be a sneaky secret agent in high-tech armor in this game, but no this isn’t Splinter Cell. After playing through a couple of missions in Alpha Protocol, I headed over to QT3 to get a sense of what the buzz around this game was like back when it was released. It was a […]

9 Apr

Space Pirates and Zombies

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Massive scale engagements in the late game can get pretty frenetic. I bought Space Pirates and Zombies mostly because Tom Chick gushed about it extensively and this game’s setup reminded me of Star Control 2. I really, really loved Star Control 2. Plus this is a game made by two guys who quit their day […]

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