26 Feb

The Secret of Monkey Island

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The remastered Special Edition jazzes up the game with new cartoon-style graphics. Too bad there are still very few animations. The Golden Age of point-and-click adventure games is long past, but out of a sense of nostalgia for all those Sierra games I dabbled with when I first got involved with PC games, I bought […]

23 Feb

Hojo Campaign Diary (Part 6)

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Rather than launch a direct assault on Kyoto, we elect to be patient and besiege it instead as the Ashikaga Shogunate still has a large garrison force in the city. It will take more than a year to starve the defenders out and our besieging army will need to survive the travails of winter. But […]

22 Feb

Hojo Campaign Diary (Part 5)

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In 1561, with no other option left to us if we are to fulfill our ambition to become Shogun, we end our alliance with the Oda and declare war against them. For years the war goes well as the Oda seem unable to organize any serious resistance. We take province after province that are defended […]

18 Feb

Hojo Campaign Diary (Part 4)

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We do not need to make a decision concerning the Oda immediately. The Uesugi have only one province left for us to take as the remaining two are cut off behind provinces already conquered by the Oda. Unfortunately for us, the Uesugi seem to have concentrated most of their remaining strength in this one province. […]

17 Feb

Hojo Campaign Diary (Part 3)

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The Satomi army enters Shimosa province with a sizeable force, but when they see the size of our defending army in the castle, they decline to lay siege. Instead, their Daimyo opts for guerilla warfare, putting the port facilities to the torch. This turns out to be a blessing in disguise for we gain better […]

15 Feb

Hojo Campaign Diary (Part 2)

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With the Ogigayatsu no more, we must now contemplate our next course of action. To the west lie the Imagawa. With their mere two provinces, and with Suruga being a particularly rich province that is renowned for its learned scholars, they are a tempting target. Unfortunately, they are allied with the powerful Takeda whose thundering […]

15 Feb

Hojo Campaign Diary (Part 1)

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(Most images in this series can be clicked to expand them to full size.) In 1545, the Hojo clan is led by Hojo Ujiyatsu. Like many other clans in the Sengoku Jidai period, the Hojo is actually a young clan that assumed the name of a more ancient but long dead clan to gain prestige. […]

10 Feb

Shogun 2

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I was shocked to find one enemy castle guarded by what looked like samurai women in heavy kabuki makeup. So I finally got around to playing Shogun 2. Just downloading it from Steam turned out to be harder than I expected due to the size of the game and all the associated DLC. That plus […]

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