30 Oct


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Welcome to my humble abode in the world of Terraria! Minecraft was without doubt the breakout indie hit of 2010, instantly giving its creator fame and fortune and inspired countless programmers to try their hand at indie game development. I chose to give it a miss however. It sounded more like a toy than a […]

26 Oct


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Apologies for the blurry photo, but it’s the only one I have of the whole game. For personal reasons, I’m back living in Kuala Lumpur for a while, which explains why I was able to show up at a recent session of the so-called Midah group. The main game we played was Martin Wallace’s Automobile, […]

8 Oct

Just Cause 2

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As the terrifically mobile Rico Rodriguez, hanging off of helicopters and other vehicles while blasting away at enemies is standard operating procedure. Anyone who reads this blog will know that I’m a sucker for open-world games. But I’ve played so many of them over the past couple of years that even I’m starting to get […]

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