29 Apr


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One thing I can unreservedly say about this game that is better than Princes of Florence is the inherent coolness of the theme and the components. Apart from Agricola, it’s been a while since we last played a good solid Euro game. The past month has been mostly filled with children’s games, party games and […]

26 Apr

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness

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The game uses 3D models to depict the world but switches to 2D comics whenever there is dialogue. I’m not a regular reader of Penny Arcade. The comics are too hit and miss for me and I often don’t get many of the things they reference. But whenever someone cross posts a strip to QT3, […]

20 Apr

Shadows over Camelot

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There’s a surprising amount of stuff in this game, including oversized cards for each player summarizing the rules and possible actions. Though not intentionally, Battlestar Galactica has turned out to be one of the games I’ve played the most often. Since I’ve heard that Shadows over Camelot is sort of a precursor to BSG, I’ve […]

14 Apr

Burnout Paradise

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I’ve been wanting to play one of the open-world racing games ever since the first Test Drive Unlimited came out in 2006. But with so many other games to play it wasn’t a huge priority and so I kept putting it off until the game was so old that it wasn’t worth playing  any more. […]

11 Apr

Agricola revisited

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After many months of neglect, we recently played Agricola again with some friends of Chee Wee. It was notable not only because it was the first time we played the Family version of the game, without any of the Minor Improvement or Occupation cards, it was also the first time we played Agricola with the […]

6 Apr

A Nationalist China AAR – HOI3 (Part 6)

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Following our victory over the Guangxi Clique, we leave behind a sizable garrison both to guard the three new ports that we now control and the southern border with French-controlled Indochina. The remaining forces are sent to the north. The time has come for us to take the offensive against the Japanese. Confident of our […]

5 Apr

Cosmic Encounter

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The art for each of the aliens is the usual Fantasy Flight awesomeness, especially since there are so many races, but feel a little out place given the game’s actual rules. I wanted to play this one because it’s an old classic that I’d heard a lot about, especially since it was cited by Richard […]

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