29 Mar

A Nationalist China AAR – HOI3 (Part 5)

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Just as we are flush from our success in subduing the warlords of Yunnan, the Japanese surprise us by mounting a second amphibious assault at the exact same location behind our lines. Though this force of six combat divisions is notably weaker than the first one, most of our spare units are deployed in the […]

28 Mar


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Arguably the game is overproduced compared to the simplicity of its core mechanics, but I guess every bit helps. I only realized after playing Timbuktu (I’m not even going to try to reproduce the weird spelling of the actual edition we used) that I haven’t played that many deduction games. Shan and I played a […]

25 Mar

A Nationalist China AAR – HOI3 (Part 4)

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As tensions grow around the world, we resign ourselves to asking for aid from the European powers. In November 1937, we initiate measures to align ourselves with the Allies. Only the United Kingdom and the United States have fleets that are capable of  being a match for the Japanese Navy. While we cannot hope for […]

22 Mar

Modern Art

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I’m amused by how many complaints there seem to be about the bad art in the game. Hey, it’s modern art, it’s supposed to be bad! Oddly enough, of all the Knizia games I’ve played, the auction games stick out the most for me because at least in their case the mechanics match up with […]

18 Mar

A Nationalist China AAR – HOI3 (Part 3)

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A few days before the end of 1936, thanks to our ongoing propaganda campaign, we convince the masses of the need to go to war. This allows us to impose a three-year draft on all able-bodied young men in China. This will automatically reinforce all of our reserve units to 75% strength, reducing the time […]

16 Mar

Tigris & Euphrates

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Hmm, somehow I didn’t envision a game about the birth of civilization to be all about laying tiles on a map. Tigris & Euphrates is one of the games that my wife and I noted early on as being almost always near the top of the best boardgames list on BGG. Although it’s a Reiner […]

14 Mar

A Nationalist China AAR – HOI3 (Part 2)

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By February 1936, our plans begin to fall into place. As new kit reaches the hands of our troops, our upgrade costs go down enough that we can now think about actually starting some new construction projects. We immediately begin training new divisions of infantry to expand our forces. Individual brigades of artillery are also […]

12 Mar

A Nationalist China AAR – HOI 3 (Part 1)

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(Reminder: almost all screenshots are clickable to expand them to full size.) In 1936, the fledgling Republic of China led by the Kuomintang has reached an uneasy truce with the other Chinese factions. Following the Long March, Mao Zedong’s Communist forces has retreated to the interior of Shaanxi. Many parts of China are under the […]

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