28 Feb

The Ballad of Gay Tony

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I really liked this particular firefight in a cramped retail complex in Chinatown. It reminded me of those tiny shops in Hong Kong with twisty corridors and signs plastered everywhere. I only played this because I had bought the Episodes from Liberty City expansion and thought it would be a shame if I didn’t at […]

25 Feb

A Game of Thrones

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The art on the board looked a bit plain to me. I’d expected something more impressive given its theme and the fact that it’s produced by FFG. Since Shan and I are leaving Kota Kinabalu soon, I guess I ought to make a more determined effort to play those games in Sean’s collection that I’m […]

22 Feb

Railroad Tycoon

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A fantastically huge board that nevertheless covers only the eastern half of the continental United States. After playing both Age of Steam and Steam, it was only fitting that we should play the last member of this family of train games. Sean seemed quite reluctant to play this however. Perhaps because this feels like a […]

19 Feb

World of Warcraft

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Massive table real-estate is required to hold the board and all of the other components. After joking about it for a long time, we recently managed to organize and actually finish a game of World of Warcraft. To tell the truth, I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about it, especially after Sean continually warned that it would […]

16 Feb

Supreme Commander 2

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It’s always satisfying to unleash giant robots to completely obliterate the enemy to end a game. I’m not generally a fan of RTS games, which is why I opted not to buy Starcraft 2 last year. I was even one of the rare few who preferred the first Dune game by Cryo Interactive to the […]

12 Feb

Dragon’s Gold

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The four adventurer cards with the strength of each character shown in the upper left corner. This is smallish negotiation-based game that we played recently. I don’t think it’s very notable and wouldn’t have written about it if not for a very odd card effect that Shan used. I discovered later from BGG that this […]

10 Feb

Dixit / Apples to Apples

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The art on Dixit’s cards look great and are clearly meant to look ambiguous and dream-like. Yes, two party games in one post. As Sean correctly observed, they’re actually quite similar, despite one game being a small deck of cards that show nothing but images and the other one being a ridiculously large collection of […]

7 Feb


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The income and VP tracks and goods available for production are all integrated onto the board, making everything look neater. We first played Age of Steam a while back, long enough ago for me to forget almost everything about it. It is essentially the same game with some modifications. The lawsuit thing confuses me so […]

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