25 Jan

War of the Ring

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The board is so huge it comes in two pieces. We barely had enough room to fit it. It took some doing, but I finally got around to playing a session of War of the Ring. Sean had included the Battles of the Third Age expansion with the game he lent to us. but after […]

21 Jan

Evil Genius

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My Evil Genius gloating as a Super Agent is tortured. I don’t really recall why, but I didn’t pick up Evil Genius when it was first released in 2004. It should be a game that I’d like but it did have pretty mixed reviews. Then in 2008, Rock, Paper, Shotgun did a retrospective on it […]

17 Jan

Campaign Manager 2008

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State tiles, support tokens and cards used. In general, the components look and feel excellent. Since Sean is away on holiday, he very kindly offered to lend us some games from his library to play while he’s away. War of the Ring is one obvious choice. Sean had offered to lend it previously and considering […]

13 Jan

Traders of Genoa

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The buildings on the board looks almost exactly like those in The Princes of Florence. As I suspected, they were done by the same artist. Sean suggested that we play some negotiation games after we playtested a very simple prototype that I recently whipped up. The prototype had some negotiation elements but was so free-form […]

10 Jan

Battlestar Galactica

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Including the recent game with my two youngest nieces, I’m now up to at least four plays of Battlestar Galactica. Of these four games, I have been a Cylon in three of them (once with Sean, once with Shan and of course with the youngest niece Zin in the latest game). I doubt any members […]

7 Jan

The Lost and the Damned

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It’s not a Grand Theft Auto game if you don’t shoot cops in it. I’m not quite sure why I bought Episodes from Liberty City. I was only lukewarm towards Grand Theft Auto IV but I guess seeing it on sale must have temporarily addled my brains. So far I’ve finished one of the two […]

4 Jan

FITS / A la carte / Cluzzle

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My wife is way better at this than I am. The end of year holidays seem to be the season for light-hearted party games, because that’s certainly what we mostly played. It was just as well since both Shan and myself were sick and we probably wouldn’t have enjoyed anything more strenuous. Since these aren’t […]

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