29 Nov


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It’s a zoo filled with animals! What’s not to like? We first played Coloretto some time ago when I expressed interest in Zooloretto. Sean however insisted that playing the original Coloretto would be sufficient to cover the essence of both games and the newer and bigger one simply added a ton of extraneous stuff that […]

25 Nov

Duels of the Planeswalkers

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The interface is very slick and graphically attractive, allowing you to seamlessly in to look at cards and out again. Duels of the Planeswalkers is a stripped down video game version of Magic: The Gathering made to be simple enough to appeal to the console crowd. The game uses preconstructed decks and there’s no real […]

22 Nov


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Personally the boats look more like Malay-sampan than Chinese junks to me but maybe it’s hard to tell the different from a bird’s-eye view? Considering that this game has a 2002 release date, it’s perplexing how little attention this game has on BGG, judging by the number of posts in its forum. Perhaps it’s because […]

19 Nov


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The simplicity of the map matches the abstracted elegance of its rules and the vivid colors certainly catch the eye. As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to do very badly in area majority games. As these games are played on a map, the positioning of the various playing pieces relative to each other becomes very […]

16 Nov

Taj Mahal

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Once again, this is a case of pasted-on theme, but at least the components do a good job at conveying the impression that you’re in India. Like Amun-Re, Taj Mahal is one of the more elaborate Knizia games I’ve played. Like so many of his games, this one has an auction system at its heart. […]

12 Nov

Dragon Age: Origins

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This is how you slay a dragon. Too bad the epic boss killing animations exist only for the melee types and not mages. According to Steam, I’ve spent about 86 hours on Dragon Age: Origins. That’s nearly twice as much as any other game in my Steam account. Despite my initial enthusiasm, spending this much […]

11 Nov


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Oh look, it’s the Nile! The components are surprisingly nice in this game. Reiner Knizia seems to be one of the most prolific designers in the boardgame industry, but none of his games that I’ve played so far have really appealed to me. In general, I’ve found his games to be neat, but too dry […]

8 Nov

Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition

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Shan and I helped set out the starting pieces. Even so, it took a good half hour, and that’s not counting the work Sean did before we arrived. The Anniversary Edition of Axis & Allies is probably the single most imposing game Sean has in his shop, both physically and, judging from the current figures […]

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