30 Sep

Atlantis Treasure

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Yes, even the board is made out of plastic LEGO bricks. (Edit: A reader Brett has indicated that this review is inaccurate as we played with the wrong rules. Using the correct ones, it should be much harder to pick up treasure so the first player isn’t the predetermined winner. I’m still leaving this post […]

27 Sep

Thief: Deadly Shadows

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Garrett perched on a pipe high above the ground just to look cool. Actually, there aren’t many opportunities to do this sort of thing in this game. The original Thief: The Dark Project is considered one of the classics of videogaming, being the first stealth game to take advantage of 3D rendering technology and the […]

23 Sep

Selling my Magic: The Gathering collection

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Some very expensive pieces of cardboard. I actually did manage to sell my Magic: The Gathering in one go while I briefly stopped over in Kuala Lumpur during the holidays. I had some trouble at first as the old MTG trading forum seemed to be abandoned and full of spam, but I managed to discover […]

8 Sep

Arkham Horror revisited

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I love how the board effectively portrays the town of Arkham, but I now realize that the sheer amount of text on it makes it quite overwhelming for new players. We recently had the opportunity to play Arkham Horror again, not once but twice, in quick succession. The first one was a five-player session with […]

6 Sep

Saint’s Row 2

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Me and my ninja homies tangling with the cops and the FBI. In one of the first missions you get in this game, immediately after you break out of prison, you learn that your gang’s right-hand man is currently on trial for murder. So you launch a one-man assault on the courthouse to free him, […]

3 Sep

In the Year of the Dragon

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We’re in the ninth month and the Great Wall is less than half completed. Will we ever finish it? We recently played In the Year of the Dragon again, this time using the Great Wall of China mini-expansion included in the Alea Treasure Chest. Naturally, as we’d gotten the rules wrong the first time around, […]

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