30 Aug

The 10 Days series

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All four maps from the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa games in the series. We first played 10 Days in Asia quite some time ago. It’s a short and simple game that acts purely as a filler. After that, we never played it again at CarcaSean but we were always aware of it as Sean […]

26 Aug

Dominion: Seaside

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No photos for this one as I hadn’t expected to have the time to get to CarcaSean and consequently didn’t bring my camera. Since Shan didn’t feel like learning any new rules or playing anything too taxing, we settled on the Seaside expansion for Dominion and ended up playing three games using three of the […]

23 Aug

Tips for starting out in Saint’s Row 2

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Yes, this what my gangster crib looks like. No, this is not a politically correct game. I’ve been immersed in Saint’s Row 2 for a couple of weeks now. Steam reports my playing time as slightly over 30 hours by now but I’m still at only about 50% completion. With all of the optional side […]

19 Aug

Agricola: Farmers of the Moor

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Is it just me or does the expansion use a slightly more cartoony art style? As a life-long PC gamer, I don’t quite yet know what to make of expansions for boardgames. Things are pretty simple with video game expansions. You basically get more of the same thing: more quests, more maps, more items, more […]

16 Aug

A game of Le Havre

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I’ve been a bit remiss in updating recently, mostly because I’ve been distracted by arranging to sell my Magic: The Gathering collection. I will be visiting Kuala Lumpur for a few days in September and I thought I’d arrange to meet buyers then. At this point, suffice to say that I seem to have greatly […]

11 Aug


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Once again the board uses very bland colors which gives it an almost stereotypically euro feel. I’m not going to cover this one extensively. This is another one that Hiew has written a comprehensive review of, plus I have mixed feelings about it and really need to play it more to make up my mind […]

7 Aug

Left 4 Dead 2

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The Dark Carnival campaign takes you through an amusement park. Too bad you can’t actually ride a coaster. I finished up Left 4 Dead 2 earlier this week. It’s very much a case of more of the same, so there’s not much to say about it. I even remember how upset many fans were when […]

4 Aug

El Grande: Intrigue and King

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Strangely enough, the board has an ancient parchment look that fits with its reputation as a classic area control game. Once again, as Hiew has written a complete description of the game’s rules and an account of our session, I’m not going to cover the same ground. I’ll just skip straight to my thoughts. Note […]

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