31 Jul

Louis XIV

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The game uses cards arranged in a specific layout to form a virtual board. Ever since I read Neal Stephenson’s The Baroque Cycle, I’ve been fascinated by the Sun King. The novels depicted him as being by far the most intelligent and far-sighted monarch of his time who, thanks to his ruthlessly efficient intelligence network, […]

28 Jul

Left 4 Dead

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Harsh lighting effects help to accentuate the horror of a zombie horde attack. Considering how popular this game is and me being one of the last people to get it, I’m not going to write a review of Left 4 Dead. So here’s a semi-random assortment of thoughts I have on it: The single-player campaign […]

23 Jul


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The board depicts the various advisers available using a colorful and cartoony art style which I find quite appealing. Kingsburg was a game that we’ve seen others playing at CarcaSean several times previously, but we only played it ourselves recently. It’s a dice-based game that’s surprisingly and pleasantly low on luck factor. It’s very easy […]

21 Jul


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The board is meant to represent the actual city of Rome and does a pretty job in introducing all of the different locations. Ever since we first played Die Macher, it’s been a game that my wife and I have thought about often. So when I learned that its designer, Karl-Heinz Schmiel, also has a […]

16 Jul

Tropico 3

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Humble beginnings give rise to a prosperous island nation. The last citybuilder game that I played was the very mediocre Civcity: Rome last year, so I’ve been looking forward to something more substantial in Tropico 3. This wasn’t a game that I originally intended to buy and I’ve never played any of its predecessors, but […]

14 Jul

Thurn & Taxis

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Not sure why the game is set in northern Germany. Is it really just so that they could include a bunch of city names that are recognizable beer brands? Some thoughts on Thurn & Taxis, a game which Sean considers himself to be an expert at. Interestingly, it’s by Andreas Seyfarth and I liked both […]

11 Jul

Agricola: Through the Seasons

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I’m not entirely sure if the Through the Seasons postcard expansion for Agricola is merely a collectible novelty or something that’s actually meant to be played. Judging by the paucity of posts on its little corner of BGG, it seems that most people think it’s the former. Being huge fans of the game however, my […]

8 Jul


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Like Tikal, Mexica’s board is quite beautiful. The colors of the plastic pieces don’t match the board however, but do make it easy to differentiate each player’s pieces. I suppose it’s only natural that even boardgames have trilogies or sets of oeuvres sharing a common theme by the same author, but it’s something I wouldn’t […]

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