30 Jun


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The map is richly colored and combined with the components, evokes a nice illusion of being three-dimensional. My wife agrees with me that for whatever reason I’m rather poor at games that are played on maps, especially if it’s a game that involves more than two players and includes area control elements. Tikal has all […]

26 Jun


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The map looks quite beautiful and as usual for a Fantasy Flight product, the components are all quite impressive. Our Runebound session not too long ago was actually our first official exposure to Ameritrash adventure boardgames, but I’ve read up on them enough to already know what to expect. Apparently, they all share the same […]

21 Jun

Mass Effect 2

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The in-engine cutscenes all look great and there are tons of them. This is the videogame as cinema at its best. While the original Mass Effect was a great game in my book, I still called it out for the mediocrity of many of the individual components that make up its whole. It represented Bioware’s […]

12 Jun


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The board is a map that includes the major cities of Europe and five excavation sites around the Mediterranean. Thebes is a lighter weight game that we played recently. What’s particularly cool about this one is that it’s the rare euro game in which the game’s mechanics meshes with its theme perfectly. Here, the players […]

9 Jun

Scepter of Zavandor

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I had the play the wild-eyed witch in the game and started with a measly 10 dust and a much lower hand limit than everyone else. The upside was that I started with a foot on the path that allows for cheaper gem purchases from the beginning. I must admit that I may be biased […]

5 Jun


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The horizontally aligned map cards are connected to form the dungeon. Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord was one of prizes that we walked away with from the tournament sponsored by Han last year but we’ve only recently got around to playing it. To tell the truth, even reading the rules sheet that’s included in […]

2 Jun


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The game is set in a specific county of England. That seems awfully provincial to me. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather of late and Brass is too big of a game to do justice to with just one play, so I’m just writing a summary of some of my thoughts on it. […]

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