29 May

In the Year of the Dragon

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The art tries to evoke ancient China but I think it looks more like a European’s conception of China rather than the real thing, sort of like how you can tell the difference between Chinese-themed restaurants in the West versus authentic Chinese restaurants. We played In the Year of the Dragon some time back, but […]

24 May

Tanto Cuore

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An overview of the cards we used in our session. The bottom ten stacks are the ones that vary from game to game. I have to admit to a fair amount of skepticism when I first learned about the existence of this game. One reason is that Sean described it as the Japanese-version of Dominion […]

19 May


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The main board consists of tiles that are the subject of auctions, arguably the most important part of the game. On a whim, I tried out the optimal game selection tool on BGG not too long ago, asking it for recommendations for a medium weight euro game suitable for two players. The only answer that […]

15 May

Dirt 2

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The thrill of victory! Veteran game reviewer Tom Chick once said when reviewing World of Warcraft that he’d always thought that he didn’t like sushi until one day he went to one particular sushi restaurant and learned that it wasn’t that he didn’t like sushi. It was just that he hadn’t had the right kind […]

10 May

Airships / Shadow Hunters / Pyramid

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We had a session at Carcasean recently for which we forgot to take along our camera, so no photos were taken. Since we only played a series of lighter games during this session, I’ll just combine them in a post detailing some of my thoughts on them rather than writing extended reviews. Airships Seriously good […]

4 May

Age of Steam

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The quality of the components is such that even my wife thought that this was a home-made copy. Just some quick thoughts on this as I feel that I really need to play it some more to decide what to think about it. I’d have waited for later but Sean seems quite insistent, plus it’d […]

1 May


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Having Rook send a group of enemies flying away with a swipe of his oversized hammer never gets old. As a gamer, one way to tell when you’re getting old is when you hear all the kids talk about some cool new game but you have absolutely no idea what it’s all about. I’m referring […]

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