29 Apr


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Three of the little robots in the game. Mine is the one on the left who looks just like Number Five from the Short Circuit movies. I first heard about RoboRally back when I was still playing Magic: The Gathering. The story was that Richard Garfield was shopping the boardgame around various gaming conventions and […]

24 Apr

The Princes of Florence

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My Renaissance city at the end of the game. The Princes of Florence is one of those games from Alea that have always struck me for how classy their boxes look. The colors, artwork and general style look so stately and luxurious that they wouldn’t seem out of place in a university library. The actual […]

21 Apr

Thinking about World of Warcraft again

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So Blizzard apparently made over USD 3.5 million from selling the Celestial Steed mount at US$25 a pop over two days. That’s probably more money than what most AAA-rated games earn and since it’s just a silly mesh, nearly all of that is pure profit. What surprised me even more is that there was actually […]

17 Apr

Shear Panic

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A flock of nine ceramic sheep! A few quick notes on this toy-like game that Sean had us try. This is one of those cutesy games that I’d never have picked out to play on my own in a million years. After all, the theme is about herding sheep of all things and the game […]

14 Apr

Tutankhamen / Samurai

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The infamous pyramid that serves absolutely no purpose, well except to tell one end of the path from the other. We played Tutankhamen a while back and Samurai only recently but since both games were designed by Reiner Knizia, I thought I’d cover both of them in one post. Though I’d consider both games to […]

9 Apr


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We played Descent again for the first time since September last year, or at least we tried to. Though Sean and the others went on to play the other maps, we only ever played the first introductory scenario, so we moved on to the second map for this session, with Sean again playing as the […]

7 Apr

Character progression in Star Trek Online

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The bridge of my Excelsior-class USS Richard Dawkins. Looks roomy, doesn’t it? I’m still playing Star Trek Online and paid up for another month (though in typical fashion, Cryptic messed up and charged my credit card twice!) Sadly due to my limited playing time and intermittent connectivity problems, I’m still just a Lieutenant-Commander but I’ll […]

3 Apr

Le Havre

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There sure are a lot of small bits in this game to represent the various goods. These can flipped to represent their upgraded versions. We actually first played Le Havre quite some time ago when Sean first got his copy. Since both of us like Agricola quite a bit, we were both eager to try […]

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