30 Mar

Liar’s Dice

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What with all the dice and dice cups, this does look like a gambling game doesn’t it? Just a few quick and much belated notes on another one of the games that Sean had us try while Shan’s nieces were here with us. The game we actually played was Bluff, but it’s just one of […]

23 Mar

Star Trek Online

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My Miranda-class light cruiser, the USS Hawking, streaks in to save yet another planet. The space visuals in this game are amazing. I feel guilty just for admitting that I like Star Trek Online. It’s a game by Cryptic and suffers from the same connectivity and server stability problems that I hated so much in […]

19 Mar

Hare & Tortoise

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With all three nieces in town, we had to think of some simpler and not too time consuming games to play. With the youngest niece being only 13 years old, trying to find a game that would accommodate all six of us wasn’t an easy task. Continuing our string of racing-themed games, Sean decided to […]

15 Mar

Formula D

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Take a look at all those sharp bends in this circuit! Sean arranged for us to play Formula D apparently after reading about my wish to try out the game in my report about Um Reifenbreite. I was originally interested in this because from what I could see in various photos, the board looked huge […]

13 Mar

Valuing my Magic: The Gathering collection

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Another thing that I did over the Chinese New Year holidays was to dig up my old collection of Magic: The Gathering cards gathering dust at my mother’s house. I had a vague idea of cannibalizing the worthless common cards to use as supplies for a game prototype I’ve been sporadically working on. However it […]

10 Mar

Dungeons & Dragons Online

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The city of Stormreach in Eberron where the game is set around. Like many others, I would have preferred the more well-known Forgotten Realms instead. I received a retail copy of this game years ago back when I was still buying physical copies of PC games. Nowadays, due to the convenience and discounted prices of […]

6 Mar

Um Reifenbreite / Ghost Stories / TransEuropa

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The cyclists all lined up at the beginning of the race. Shan’s eldest niece is currently staying with us and decided to go with us on our usual Saturday evening outing to CarcaSean, so Sean had to think of some simpler games for our session. On the one hand, this meant that we couldn’t play […]

2 Mar

Warhammer: Invasion

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The Orc deck that my wife won with against me. Unsurprisingly, despite their inherent brutishness and ugliness, that’s all she wants to play now. Being the sucker for card games that I am and still feeling vaguely enticed by the prospect of being able to build decks once again, I grabbed Warhammer: Invasion over the […]

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