25 Feb

Champions Online

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My version of Area, blatantly copied from the current Marvel Comics character. He’s the Greek God of War who uses guns and rocket launchers. When Champions Online was first announced, I thought I’d make it the only MMO I’d play since World of Warcraft. However, its reviews all round were pretty terrible when it finally […]

23 Feb

The BoardGameGeek Game

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The board is totally unrealistic. Which street in the world has six boardgame stores all next to each other? I meant to post some brief thoughts on this before I left for the Chinese New Year holidays, but ended up being too busy. I didn’t have access to a PC at all while I was […]

11 Feb

Space Hulk

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A lone Terminator Space Marine facing down a couple of Genestealers. I actually first played Space Hulk over ten years ago while studying in Tours, France. Looking over the information on BGG, it must have been the second edition of the game. I was a regular at the Temple du Jeu branch in 1996 and […]

4 Feb

The X-COM Series

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Stepping out of the transport is usually one of the most dangerous moments in the game for your soldiers. Steam had the entire X-COM collection on sale for a measly US$2 over the weekend and I bought it despite knowing that I most likely will not make a serious effort at actually playing any of […]

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