28 Dec

Die Macher

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The design of the combined boards looks like a parliamentary assembly, which fits the theme, but actually represents other things entirely. Tricky! We arranged a special gaming session on a public holiday here in Malaysia to play Die Macher in expectation of its long playing time and Sean even asked everyone to watch the Board […]

24 Dec

Caylus / Caylus: Magna Carta

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This board looks quite cheerful and colourful, especially compared to the other economic games I’ve played. Caylus is another one of those economic games that are ranked very highly on BGG and that I knew I’d just have to play someday. Caylus: Magna Carta is the card-based version that Han donated as a prize for […]

20 Dec

Twilight Struggle

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The board is basically unmounted cardboard map of the entire world. This one is yet another loaner from Han. Twilight Struggle is apparently considered an iconic wargame even though it doesn’t really have any fighting. Go figure. Joking aside it’s easy to see why it has such an iconic status. This is a two-player game […]

16 Dec

I’m the goddamn Batman

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Funny how the thugs never notice a huge black shape gliding down towards them. Ok, there’s no doubt about this. Batman: Arkham Asylum is hands down the best action game I’ve ever played. Ever. It’s also the best damn superhero game I’ve ever played. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to […]

12 Dec

Dungeon Lords / Small World

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The main game board is a bit reminiscent of Agricola, as it simply represents the actions available. I don’t have a lot to say about either of these games and we played both of them during a recent session at CarcaSean, so I’m combining them into one post to save effort. Dungeon Lords is one […]

10 Dec

Warriors of God

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Not very attractive bits. I keep playing so many new boardgames that I’m beginning to build up quite a backlog of posts about them. Anyway, Warriors of God is another one of Han’s games. He lent this one to us to take home so my wife and I played around with it for about a […]

6 Dec


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What’s that? A dragon? That just means more loot for me! Torchlight, the first game made by Runic Games, has a storied development history. Its ancestor was a nifty little action RPG called Fate which earned plenty of praise for being a fun albeit lightweight Diablo clone. Fate however was distributed mostly by the ad […]

3 Dec

Mini Tournament at CarcaSean (27/11/09)

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Luke Skywalker teamed with Mace Windu. What could go wrong? Everything as it turned out. We had a little tournament of sorts at CarcaSean last week organized by cafe owner Chong Sean and Han, one of the cafe’s regulars. Since Han is leaving Kota Kinabalu at the end of the year, he wanted to give […]

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