30 Nov

Battlestar Galactica (Boardgame)

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The Galactica beset as usual by Cylon basestars and raiders. Like so many television shows, Battlestar Galactica was, for us, a great watch for the first couple of seasons or so, but then crashed and burned spectacularly. Note to writers: when you claim to have a plan, you better make sure you do have one […]

25 Nov

PC Games buy list

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A festively decorated bordello in Hitman: Blood Money. I’ve finished Hitman: Blood Money but I’ve decided not to actually write a full review. I’m a bit busy at work at the moment and I doubt anyone would want to read a review of a three year old PC game anyway. It’s decent enough with an […]

23 Nov

Chaos in the Old World

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A board that looks like it’s woven out of skin. Classy. I may not be enough of a Warhammer fanboy to actually shout, “Blood for the Blood God!” at the gaming table, but I can assure you that this game is so good that it made me want to. Han seemed eager to try out […]

19 Nov

The perfect assassin

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Garrotting unsuspecting victims is one of the most frequently performed actions in the game, but thankfully few moments are as awkward as this one. I bought Hitman: Blood Money when it went on sale on Steam not too long ago. It’s a game that was first released in 2006, which means that it’s a bit […]

16 Nov


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The fearsome dragon and the rest of the defenders hold the high ground. I’ve had my eye on the Heroscape set ever since Sean first got a hold of it for CarcaSean. This is after all a game that comes with 30 pre-painted plastic miniatures of varying sizes, a decent collection of plastic terrain pieces […]

13 Nov

A Quick Guide to the Calabim

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The portraits in FFH2 may be “borrowed” from other sources, but convey the mood and theme perfectly. Continuing my series of short guides to the different factions of Fall from Heaven 2 (see my posts on the Ljosalfar and the Grigori in my original blog), here’s one for the Calabim. They’re something of one-trick pony […]

10 Nov


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Lots of bland looking cards, bits and boards. My wife and I have played about half a dozen games of Agricola now and I think it’s safe to say that we’re still barely scratching the surface of what it can offer. Despite an intimidating array of boards, cards and small wooden bits, the game at […]

7 Nov

Age of Conan (Boardgame)

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One of the problems I have when writing about boardgames is that it’s impossible to wait until I’ve played a game several times in order to write about it. This is because for some games it can be very difficult to arrange multiple sessions of a game within a reasonable span of time. Apparently one […]

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