8 Sep


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I know I barely update this blog these days since I stopped playing boardgames and it takes me a long time to play a videogame to completion and write about it. I also refrain from posting about anything but my impressions of the videogames I play here, skipping over things like news and goings on […]

13 Mar

Valuing my Magic: The Gathering collection

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Another thing that I did over the Chinese New Year holidays was to dig up my old collection of Magic: The Gathering cards gathering dust at my mother’s house. I had a vague idea of cannibalizing the worthless common cards to use as supplies for a game prototype I’ve been sporadically working on. However it […]

5 Nov

Knights of the Cardboard Castle

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It’s been more than two years since I started my original blog at calltoreason.org and for over a year now I’ve been mulling over the thought of splitting up its content. This webspace was originally used to hold a number of essays, mostly related to critiques of religion, that I wrote a while back, but […]

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