26 Dec


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A typical Ants game set on a maze map. Notice how combat AI tends to make the swarms bunch up into solid lines against the enemy. This is the post where I talk about my Ants bot and its development process. It finished in 71st place in the AI Challenge 2011. You can read about […]

6 Dec

Planet Wars Part 2

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One the maps I did best on in the final round due to the evenly-spaced planets. This post is a detailed walkthrough of my bot’s internal logic, the source code of which is attached. It’s written in Java using Notepad++. I probably should have used a real IDE as it would have helped save time […]

3 Dec

Planet Wars Part 1

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The 2010 Google AI Challenge is now officially over and I’m very glad to have finished just inside the top 50. Not bad for someone with no formal education in programming and next to zero knowledge of Java before this. I learned a bit of JavaScript when I worked as a content writer for one […]

2 Aug

Die Macher

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A photo of the final score sheet as taken by Hiew. Since Hiew has already written an excellent account of our recent Die Macher session, I’m going to content myself with just writing some of my own observations rather than going over everything again. Note that some of this covers the same ground I laid […]

3 Dec

Mini Tournament at CarcaSean (27/11/09)

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Luke Skywalker teamed with Mace Windu. What could go wrong? Everything as it turned out. We had a little tournament of sorts at CarcaSean last week organized by cafe owner Chong Sean and Han, one of the cafe’s regulars. Since Han is leaving Kota Kinabalu at the end of the year, he wanted to give […]

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