10 Jul

CK2 – A Game of Thrones (Dorne) Game Diary – Introduction

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I recently started playing Crusader Kings 2, a game I have had sitting in my games library for a very long time now. Like the other grand Paradox strategy games, they are complex, time-consuming and often very buggy affairs. I feel like I ought to like them but it’s easier to appreciate them in the […]

23 Aug

Tips for starting out in Saint’s Row 2

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Yes, this what my gangster crib looks like. No, this is not a politically correct game. I’ve been immersed in Saint’s Row 2 for a couple of weeks now. Steam reports my playing time as slightly over 30 hours by now but I’m still at only about 50% completion. With all of the optional side […]

16 Aug

A game of Le Havre

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I’ve been a bit remiss in updating recently, mostly because I’ve been distracted by arranging to sell my Magic: The Gathering collection. I will be visiting Kuala Lumpur for a few days in September and I thought I’d arrange to meet buyers then. At this point, suffice to say that I seem to have greatly […]

7 Apr

Character progression in Star Trek Online

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The bridge of my Excelsior-class USS Richard Dawkins. Looks roomy, doesn’t it? I’m still playing Star Trek Online and paid up for another month (though in typical fashion, Cryptic messed up and charged my credit card twice!) Sadly due to my limited playing time and intermittent connectivity problems, I’m still just a Lieutenant-Commander but I’ll […]

13 Nov

A Quick Guide to the Calabim

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The portraits in FFH2 may be “borrowed” from other sources, but convey the mood and theme perfectly. Continuing my series of short guides to the different factions of Fall from Heaven 2 (see my posts on the Ljosalfar and the Grigori in my original blog), here’s one for the Calabim. They’re something of one-trick pony […]

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